Areas of Translation

Technical Translation

With extensive expertise gained over many years in the field of technical translation, I offer translation services in various sectors such as aerospace, rail, automotive, nuclear, and renewable energies. I can provide a competitive offer to meet your specific needs in these areas.

Choosing means entrusting the management of your technical documentation to a professional and guaranteeing total satisfaction of the users of your machines and/or products on an international scale.

Some examples of documents falling under the "technical translation" category that I support include:

  • Technical manuals ;
  • Technical specifications ;
  • Plans.

Legal and Administrative Translation

Legal translation goes beyond simply translating and requires a deep understanding of the law in both the source and target language countries. I have a strong expertise in the legal field, providing professional translations to the legal departments of large companies and law firms. I also handle the translation of administrative documents. Some examples of documents falling under the category of "legal translation" include:

  • Framework contracts ;
  • Confidentiality agreements ;
  • General conditions of sale and purchase ;
  • Administrative documents

Business Translation

Are you considering establishing your company abroad? Internationalizing your offerings? Creating partnerships with international players? Communicating with multicultural teams? Whatever your goal may be, business translation proves to be a crucial step in facilitating your multilingual exchanges and ensuring the security of your expansion into international markets.
Business translation has well-defined specificities. Indeed, translating a business document, whether it's a brochure, a tender, or a business plan, requires a thorough understanding of the message and the culture of the company involved.
On the other hand, the translator must ensure to adapt the text to the cultural standards of the target country. For example, the drafting of a commercial contract will vary between New York, Hong Kong, and Buenos Aires.

These particularities of business translation demand from the translator a deep understanding of the business world and the organizational functioning of a company. It is also imperative to master the vocabulary and codes of the business.
It is worth mentioning that commercial translation addresses strategic issues, targeting specific stakeholders such as investors, prospects, key accounts, and shareholders.
Furthermore, translated commercial content reflects the brand image and reputation of the company.

Medical Translation

I specialize in providing precise and accurate translations for your medical content, whether it is in areas such as biology, cosmetology, toxicology, pharmacology, or other sectors related to the medical sphere. Operating in highly sensitive fields of activity, I am committed to adhering to rigorous confidentiality standards. Among the numerous types of documents falling under the category of "medical translation," I handle, among others:

  • Technical manuals for surgical devices ;
  • Clinical studies ;
  • Medication leaflets.

Marketing Translation

I have many years of expertise in providing business, marketing, and advertising translations for the marketing, communication, and international business departments of large corporations. My work often involves completely reworking the text in the target language to comprehensively meet the cultural expectations of the reader.
By becoming an essential component of your communication chain, I offer the guarantees of success for your international expansion by ensuring effective communication in all languages.
My commitment to quality multilingual communication and my meticulous approach strengthens your presence on the international scene.
Some examples of documents falling under the category of "marketing translation" include:

  • Marketing and communication brochures ;
  • Newsletters ;
  • Advertising slogans.

IT Translation

For many years, I have been committed to offering an IT translation service to facilitate effective multilingual communication.
A high-quality IT translation plays a vital role in promoting a positive image of your company.
Here are some examples of documents included in the “IT translation” category:

  • Websites ;
  • Software ;
  • Programs.

Tourism Translation

My translation services provide you with the opportunity to interact effectively with your international clientele, thereby contributing to the growth of your business and ensuring complete satisfaction from your customers throughout their stay.
Some examples of documents falling under the category of "tourism translation" include:

  • Tourist brochures ;
  • Websites ;
  • Menus.

Website Translation

Translating your website into the language of your clients is a crucial step to facilitate access to an international audience, promote your brand image abroad, increase visibility, boost visitor traffic, and develop your business opportunities.

Examples of Content for Web Pages:

  • Corporate Sites
  • Personal or Informational Sites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Directories
  • Announcement Sites
  • Notice Sites
  • Institutional / Government Sites
  • E-Commerce Sites or Online Catalogs
  • Comparator Sites
  • Online Booking Sites
  • Congress, Exhibition and Event Organization Sites …